Welcome to Baron's Adventures!

Do you have a dream to sail across the ocean or explore remote islands in the pacific?  To travel with the wind and use the earths energy to transport you to the other side of the world. For the last nine years I been able to discover remarkable locations from traveling on board private motor yachts.   These amazing adventures included scuba diving the blue hole in Belize, Shark diving in Guadalupe,  fishing for marlin in Costa Rica, and crossing over the Atlantic to explore the mediterranean Sea.  Below are some videos I have produced to show some amazing times on the open seas. Some of the video capture the great times in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, and Hawaii.   Some others pertain to my passion to build a large catarmaran and provide an oppurtunity for others to experience these types of trips that seldom get discovered.

Guadalupe Shark Diving

Jump in a cage and witness first hand the size of these beautiful creatures.