My first gig as a Greenhorn.

Second year upgraded to 65ft. as deckhand/mate

Delivered 85ft. Pacific Mariner from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale

Circumnavigated the world on the exploration yacht Triton.  Changed everything in what the ocean can provide! Diving, Spearfishing, Surfing, Helicopter Safaris, Big Game Fishing, Etc.

Joined as First Mate/Engineer to become Captain two years later . Traveling East Coast to the Caribean and Crossing the Atlantic to  Europe.  Diving , Fishing, and enjoying the Atlantic and Med.

Joined 45meter Big Fish for its trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Sweden.  Duties where Officer of the Watch which took us 21 days.  Amazing vessel!

Joined April 1st, 2012 as Engineer on 130' Mangusta......finished up the Caribean season and headed to yard for some repairs.  Did the New England area for the summer enjoying Newport, Boston, Nantucket, New York!

Oppurtunity came knocking with 120' Vitter Expedition yacht.  Joined October 2012' while current boat was in the yard for a long waiting paint job.  Been researching sounds of the ocean with the acadamy since.

Stepping it up to the big boys!  220' Palmer Johnson .  Joined as Captain on the 55' Windy chase boat to step in as Relief Chief Officer on the Mothership.  30 knots no problem!

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